12 04 2009

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Mud Stencils Rule




8 responses

13 10 2009
Laurie Burnaby

Is it possible to buy these stencils? If so, please tell me how. I think they’re great! Thank you, Laurie

22 10 2009
Paula Mitchell-Bentley

I think your work is fantastic and really speaks volumes as to how much one person can accomplish regardless of age. I wrote about your work and linked to this site on my eco-living blog here:
I hope you like it! You’re definitely somebody for kids to look up for when it comes to living green, being informed and speaking your mind. Great job!!

23 10 2009

Awesome, awesome idea! There is nothing cooler than stumbling across an unexpected work of street art. Thanks so much!!!

4 11 2009

Excellent website and great message buddy. Keep up the brilliant work! Cheers!

1 06 2010

These are great! perfect placement – on the edge on the soil!!! keep pumping em’ out!

3 06 2010

is mylar biodegradable? wouldn’t reusing thin boxes or something work too? ‘love the idea generally, thanks!

23 11 2011

I’ve used thin boxes before and it works, but the mylar is re-usable so you can use the stencils multiple times. The cardboard gets soggy if you plan to make multiple stencils.

19 08 2010

great idea!

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