To me, Industrial farming means agriculture on a massive scale that typically includes the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, erosion, and soil degradation. Industrial farming demonstrates an apathy toward food quality, environments, and health. Industrial farming is happening worldwide, it is reducing crop diversity, eradicating traditional farming methods, and harming the health of animals (including humans). This mud stencil is a call to action. Beat back industrial farming by supporting sustainable farms and gardens.


One response

2 01 2010
bobby moore

This is a huge, and hugely important topic—domestically, and globally. I’m 100% with you on this, too. Sadly, we are probably pushing our form of industrial farming on countries in the Middle East, where we are currently conducting military operations. There is a purported civilian and military effort to establish those country’s agricultural economy. Do you imagine that they are in the process of teaching them how to do responsible, sustainable farming? No, I don’t either. So here we are exporting our undesirable program around the world, instead of focusing on what we should be focusing on: improving the methods we employ right here. We need to keep on ’em. You’re helping.

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