Backyard chickens kick butt!
Backyard chickens are growing phenomena across the United States. For those who have the space, care about their environmental impact, want safe healthy eggs, enjoy mutually beneficial relationships, and think chickens are cool; raising chickens is an obvious choice. Loads of folks live with cats and dogs, where are all the chickens at?

Most of us are not familiar with living around chickens. Some common misconceptions are that chickens are too noisy and smell. Actually…

“Noise pollution is in the ear of the behearer” -Bucky Buckaw. Cars, Busses, loud music, People yelling are all common city sounds that do not bother most people. The majority of folks raising backyard chickens are not even interested in raising roosters, which make the most noise. People all around the world live in close quarters with chickens and they get along just fine.

Chickens that are given enough space and care do not smell. Their poop might smell a little, but so does yours! Chicken poop also turns into excellent fertilizer for your garden. Chickens that are raised in factory farm warehouses really smell because they are highly confined and mistreated.

Another backyard chicken concern is that chickens are illegal to keep in cities, which is sometimes true. Many cities like Milwaukee, WI, have bans on raising chickens. We can change that though. In 2004 Madison passed a bill that allows up to 4 hens to be raised in a backyard. What’s up with Milwaukee? We want chickens too!

Listen to Bucky Buckaw’s Backyard Chicken Broadcast at


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