Cows are a grazing animal. Everything from their mouth to their 4 stomachs to their colon has evolved to digest grass. When cows are fed corn and soybeans they get sick. To digest grains and beans the cows digestive tract becomes more acidic which causes bloating, ulcers and infections to occur. To deal with the infections cows are fed antibiotics which end up in the milk and meat produced by industrially raised cattle. This is just one of the many problems with industrial farming. Corporations do not care about the health and wellbeing of the animals they imprison or and people that eat those animals. If you choose to eat cows and their milk I suggest you make sure these foods are coming from grass fed cows raised on local farms.


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12 06 2009
donita you sell your stencils..I am looking for a cow stencil..I love this one here!

13 06 2009

cool, thanks. why don’t you send me an e-mail with exactly what you want and we can work something out. Are you interested in a stencil or a print? I have a silkscreen burned with smaller sizes of this graphic; I have done prints on paper, and t-shirts in addition to mud stencils.

19 06 2009

hi! i have read what do you do in a webside.
i think your idea is amazing
i have been doing stencils i will use your indications

here is my webside

good bye !

22 10 2009
Fabi Siqueira

Estou no Brasil e quero falar que sua ideia e seus desenhos estão de parabéns!!! Espero que ganhe mais espaço a cada dia.


27 11 2009

hii!! i’m from brasil too and i loved your art!!

that´s really the type of message that the world needs in this moment…people can pretend that they didn´t see…but inside, they know what´s all about…

people and nature…one love, one heart, Pacha Mamma

5 12 2009
Joshue O Connor

Love this one the best 🙂

20 01 2010
king kirk

100% fat

27 04 2010
Did you know?

Did you know that cows fed on grass produce more CO2 than cows fed on corn? <– True story.

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