Eat Wild

Wild food is plants and animals that are not farmed, grown, or raised for human consumption. Wild food is nutritious, and finding it makes you more aware of your environment. Wild food is all around us, even in urban environments, most just overlook it and disregard it as weeds and nuisances. The dandelion is the prime example of that mentality. Dandelion greens can be eaten before the plant blooms and becomes bitter, the bright yellow flowers can also be eaten or fermented into dandelion wine. Dandelion roots can be roasted and ground into a tasty coffee substitute. Instead of gathering these plants many people poison them with dangerous herbicides to maintain their monoculture lawn. Incorporating wild food into your diet will broaden your pallet and lead to exciting adventures. When gathering, it is important to know exactly what you have before you eat it, and the proper way to prepare it. One part of a plant may be delicious while another part is poisonous. Field guides are great, an expert you can personally learn from is better.


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30 09 2009
bill shortell

at least once a year i harvest a big bunch of lamb’s quarters that grow along fences and in any untended spot in the city. i steam them lightly. They taste like broccoli, but better. Mix them with rice, legumes, etc

17 10 2009
Eating wild urban plants | Toban Black

[…] image was cropped out of a photo from a page on This statement is posted on the same page […]

5 11 2009

I love your work, it is a great idea!
I blogged about it here:

Thanks for what you do!

– Morgain

1 12 2009

I adore your work and can’t wait to get started on my own!

I would love to feature some of your works (images) on our blog. Let me know!

Thanks again for your awesome work šŸ™‚


1 12 2009

Hi Sarah, Thanks, if you make any stencils send me the photo’s and whatever info you would like with them. I might put them up in my works by others section.

Feel free to pull images from my site, they are all creative commons share and share alike.



3 12 2012

I thought I would come see your site seeimng though you commented on my photo blog. And I’m glad I did, some truly inspirational work. keep it up

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