My original idea for this piece was to relate it to growing your own food. I enjoy gardening, and I want to share the joy I find in the sustainability of growing my own food. I considered writing “garden” with the plant letters, but eventually decided on “grow”. I wanted this piece’s meaning to be more ambiguous and personal to the viewer, instead of a bold statement like some of my other pieces.

The little girl featured above was playing outside while I posting a stencil. It was one of the first nice days of spring. She said he was excited to be able to play outside after being inside for most of winter. She was friendly and inquisitive. She wanted to know what I was doing and how I was doing it, so of course I showed her. I though it would be fitting to include photographer her with the piece. She was a little shy about getting her picture taken, but liked the photo after I took it. I contacted her father to receive his consent to use the photo. Luckily he is an awesome guy and agreed.

I never liked the awkward cactus so I changed it to to fennel.


2 responses

24 06 2008
B Whalen

Hey Jesse, Thanks for the gorw stencil! When I first read it, I thought of the kids growing as they learn how to read. It’s on top of the filing cabinet, where everyone can see it as they come into the little SPARK corner. Cool!!

23 07 2015

Hi Jesse,

I was wondering if you are selling any of your stencils. I’m interested in the GROW stencil to promote a community garden at an event coming up in September. Would you consider selling the stencil to our group?


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