Why do people drink bottled water when perfectly potable, perfectly healthy tap water is readily available? In places without clean drinking water, bottled water makes sense; everywhere else, it does not. It takes oil to make the plastic and packaging for bottled water, and even more oil to transport them. More oil is used to recycle the plastic, unless the used bottles are filling up landfills instead. Reusing the bottles is also a bad idea because they may leach carcinogens. Stainless steel, aluminum or glass water bottles work great. It is my firm belief that plastic is bad. Lets avoid it when we can.


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22 10 2009
Eco Graffiti at Backcountry.com: The Goat

[…] practices his art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What, no Packers stencil? I’m partial to these bottled water stencils, they remind me of my moral […]

25 03 2014
L’Alternative | street art parisien

[…] réalisent beaucoup d’œuvres dites « exposables ». A propos de Street Art Environnemental Jesse Graves produit probablement l’un des meilleurs exemples, il utilise des pochoirs et fait des œuvres […]

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