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This page is for mud stencils by other artists. If you make a mud stencil, send me images, and I may post it.

There are so many mud stencils being made!  This is such a small sampling. Keep sending my photos’s!  and If you sent some and I did not put them up sorry, send them again!

Nicolas Lampert, member of Just Seeds Radical Art Cooperative.

“Pitbulls are nice” was made by Lindsay Mueller in a workshop I led.  It is a design by Nicolas Lampert that I took from Cut and Paint


Iraq Veterans Against the War use mud stencils!  Read about the action on the just seeds blog. Photo’s by John Orlando

“Paz” or peace by Jacob Flom.

“350”  Overnight these 350 stencils appeared in every part of the UW Milwaukee campus.  350 was an event addressing global warming sponsored by the student group Act Everywhere.

A St. Louis chapter of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) uses mud stencils to protest Peabody Energy, a major polluter in the area.  The action was part of a larger event in St. Louis called the People’s Settlement. Photo’s curtsy of St Louis SDS.

“The City is Yours” Clay mural installed in Philadelphia by the Just Seeds artists Nicolas Lampert, Colin Matthes, Josh MacPhee, Erik Ruin, and Emily Abendroth. Content from Just Seeds Blog


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Mud Stencils by Oostburg High School Students. This is an incredible research based environmental art project!  Yes public schools do rad stuff!


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3 04 2011
Lester Doré

This is a great site. I’ve not done mud stencils yet but will try it today, teaching a group of Quaker teenagers to make stencils. We’ll also try washable poster paint, though it may too runny. I’ll try using flour or cornstarch to thicken it. Or maybe kids fingerpaint. And I’ll post photos. btw I found out that spray latex paint is available and could be used for more permanent stencils but the propellants are probably toxic–still maybe better than regular spray paint.

10 04 2011
Lester Doré

The action above worked out well, we stencilled on card stock with tempera color and passed out posters at a prelelection rally at The Capitol Building in Madison April 4th. Some of the kids took the stencils and some mud and mud-stencilled all around the square. Yesterday April 10 mudstencilling at Wisconsin Wave rally around Capitol Square and at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Building.

4 05 2014

Fine. Educational

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