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26 04 2009


There is confusion on the subject of recycling. There are a lot of people that love to recycle; they feel like they are really doing their part by meticulously placing their plastic bottles, scrap paper and cans into the appropriate receptacles. That’s great. However recycling takes energy and causes pollution. Recycled plastic can only be turned onto non-recyclable products like textiles, plastic lumber or cheap lawn furniture. Paper has a limit on the number of times it can be recycled. Each time paper is shredded to be recycled the wood fibers are broken down and restrict the type of paper product that they can be made into.
There are better options out there. If we follow the arrows we will reduce by using reusable items like cloth bags, and steel water bottles. For paper products, we could save massive amounts of energy if our paper was made from hemp instead of trees, then composted after use. Nature recycles with 100% efficiency. The problem is that the US government has put such tight regulations on growing hemp any business would loose money doing it. There are varieties of hemp that contain only trace amounts of THC. A person would die from smoke inhalation before getting high off this stuff. Hemp could also replace much of the cotton we use. Cotton production uses more pesticides than any other type of agriculture. Hemp plants are not as susceptible to pest’s as cotton is, so growing hemp does not require pesticide application. There are much looser regulations on pesticide use on non-food crops like cotton. As a side note, no consideration of the food crops that are grown on the same fields as non-food crops is taken in the regulation of pesticides. Peanuts are often rotated with cotton, so if you are at all concerned with the pesticides that enter your body I suggest buying organic peanut products.
For plastic, we do not need to be using most of the plastic products that we do, so reduce. Glass and metal should always be recycled. Metal especially because mining is extremely damaging to environments. Just to emphasize though, it is best to reduce or reuse glass and metal instead of recycling.
I propose a modification to the three arrows that would create a significant reduction in the amount of energy used and pollution created by those who adhere to it. I suggest that we Reduce, Reuse, Compost. We could reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills. We could also reduce the amount of energy used for transporting and processing garbage significantly by simply starting a compost pile.

30 10 2009

Great rant/statement with which I agree completely… one thing we have been doing is we have a fridge full of blue glass bottles that we keep filled with filtered water so we can drink as much as we want all day long and we just re-wash the bottles as we go. We’ve been using these same bottles since 2002 having only lost a couple to breakage. We took the labels off recycled Arizona ice tea bottles – the old blue ones – and they have served us amazingly well. The only thing is they are so beautiful that occasionally people just want to walk off with them. : ^ ) Love your idea of a new RRC stencil – it makes much more sense to compost than recycling if at all possible. Perhaps you would post the design for others to use? Anything to keep those mountains of plastic bottles out of the landfill!

2 11 2009
a growin' movement

Yes, this is brilliant!

2 01 2010
bobby moore

Alot of good salient points. Are you a UWM student, yourself, or just a natural at critical thinking? I think you ought to design a HEMP stencil, specifically. That issue is one of the more absurd ones around. Your outlook on recycling is very accurate, and helping to drag less aware people down that path with your stenciling is a drag in the right direction. People…WAKE UP!!!

1 04 2010

Hey man, that´s crzy!
Im brazilian and i have some stencils, but i use spray colours.

Im vegetarian, anda you?
see you.

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